Saturday, September 11, 2010
@9:05 PM


Alrghts, exams are round the corner,
so i'm not going to post as much.
*i'm already not posting as much, :P

3 days N-Levels are okay.
I hope i pass all three. :D
Social studies was a thumbs up mancxz! :D
I memorized conflict and it came out. *WOOT!
Guess what?
I had steamboat yesterday, :)
Was okay, & imissedyou.
When i was sitting alone,
i thought of eating with you.
I smiled, like a young girl eating a sweet.
To fill in the emptiness, i imagine.

I sounded retarded. o.o~~

Hah. Many people's birthday is coming up! :D
Shall go prepare something for some of them! :D
Oh &,
timetable for school has changed!
*woots!! :D
No more English & Chinese lessons.
Social studies too! :D
No focus studies for those lessons too! :D
However, i shall continue going to Evening Academy! :D

I've changed skin.
Is it nice?
I love this skin, its simple & plain. :D

Alright, i shall stop here. :D
Remember to leave me a tag yeah? :D
Goodnight & sleep tight.

{x3, YuHui.

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